Hi, I'm Jason, and for the last fifteen years I've been on a journey of helping couples capture their love stories. My passion began early, after an intro to photography class in high school. What I thought would be an easy slack off class turned into a life long pursuit of telling authentic stories through my lens. Stories of love, life, and beauty that will be told for generations.


meet jason

Transforming your most important moments into timeless treasures.

Perfectly Imperfect

Embracing your true self, unfiltered.

Your wedding day should be about celebrating the culmination of so many dreams and loving moments, not stressing about whether they are being captured. I work to seamlessly navigate the day so you can be your authentic selves. The unfiltered moments are where true love speaks loudest. 


The loyal four-legged Assistant. Our Chief Human Resources Officer.

The man behind the camera. Dedicated in capturing the most cherished moments.

My wife, the one who is my foundation. Pursuer of dreams.





My wife is my foundation. I don't think I would be who I am without her. Fearless and brilliant, she inspired me to pursue my dreams with ferocity.
Bailee is our two year old lab rescue. Loyal and loving, she the joy of our house, even if she sometimes chews on the furniture.


Those Who drive me to be better.

As the Adirondacks are my home, they are quite cold. Every winter, we step away to the coastal towns of Florida and most recently Aruba. We love to defrost for a few days to re-energize our minds. Some of my best ideas are created in new environments and where much of my photographic inspiration is sourced.




Nature is where I feel most at home. I grew up in rural Maine, and from a young age fell in love with the tranquility and peace of the outdoors. After living all over the Northeast, my wife and I knew that our hearts wanted to be in the Adirondacks.

There is so much beauty in the natural world . It's one of the biggest reasons I love to hike. The sound of nature is revitalizing, whether it's the leaves bristling in the wind, or the gentle flow of a stream - It's my sanctuary.

CREATING Sanctuary

I've always loved connecting with people and learning from their stories. Everyone has something important to share, and their passions often inspire me in my own.

The importance of everyone's story.

 I often wonder how my images will be viewed by future generations of family. I myself have sat with my wife's ninety-nine year old grandmother wondering how many generations had seen her wedding photographs. This idea drives me to capture every moment.

Pondering the Timeless.

I try to live by the idea that in all areas of life, especially with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, we can decide how we react to what happens to us. It's taught me a lot on staying present.

"Remember, we always have a choice."

There are no mistakes in decisions made with love.

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